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Dell Inspiron 15 (1564) was released in 2010.

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Why it stuck on boot logo when I use caddy?

if i turn on my computer with CADDY with ssd in it . it turns on and stuck on the boot page where the dell logo shows up . but if i boot it up without caddy it turns on normal without any problem

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Is there still a bootable HDD in the laptop when you remove the caddy?

Is the SSD in the caddy bootable?


yess , the hdd is bootable and still in the laptop .

no the ssd is not bootable its blank i was just trying to upgrade my computer with ssd .


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Have you got cloning software installed in the laptop?

Just copying the HDD to the SSD doesn't work as the SSD needs to be made bootable plus other data settings as well that are already in the HDD so that when you have cloned the SSD you can remove the HDD, insert the SSD where the HDD was and it will work straight away..

There are videos on YouTube that show how to clone an SSD from a HDD in a laptop.

Also most reputable SSD suppliers provide free cloning software with their SSD (download link and password provided with SSD to cloning software online)

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but thats not what the real problem is i am not booting it with ssd .

i am booting it using hdd i set the boot priority toh hdd even when the ssd is in it .

the real problem is when the caddy is connected laptop stuck at boot logo loading screen it doesn't matter whether the window is installed in it or booting from hdd sdd



Is the SSD being detected in BIOS?

Does it boot OK with the caddy installed, but without the SSD in the caddy?


Idk about in the bios but in another laptop it was working. and in this laptop also i get to know this as first i removed my caddy then turned on my laptop as soon it reaches the windows logo i just inserted caddy and it showed.



one more thing the if i boot up using caddy it stucks and if i try toh press f2 or f12 to enter into setup it also don't works .



You have to have the caddy in before turning on the laptop.

Is the caddy compatible with your model laptop?

Are caddy with nothing in it shouldn't stop you getting into BIOS

What is the make and model number of the other laptop in which the caddy works?


why i will lie bro i can give you the proof that i inserted caddy after boot screen and it started working.

how to check the compatibility?

no without ssd nothing happens laptop works fine .

but if the caddy contains the same hdd that is in the laptop then also same thing happens it stuck on boot logo.

the make is HP 15-Ay008tx.


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