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The sixth generation Grand Prix, a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Pontiac, a division of GM. Sold in both coupe and sedan configurations.

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2002 Grand Prix sounds like rod knock

What other pullys make a sound other then the idler pulley that sounds like a rod knocking

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@ashleytyree what makes you think it is a pulley? Have you ruled out Rod knock? What is going on with your Grand Prix's engine? What have you checked?


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the water pump bearing can sound like whole bottom end is knocking and the next likely culprit is flywheel cracked or loose bolts but a easy test is to remove belts and start up motor is noise still there or gone ,? if its gone start hand spinning pulleys by hand feel for grinding or resistence of the extreme the flywheel all you can do is inspect flywheel and the bolts that hold torque converter from inspection cover under car and please use jackstands or blocks to support anytime your under a car ,never trust a jack only situation youll lose every time

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