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Is my iMac dead?

iMac G4 17 800 MHzEMC1936

Hi I've got an iMac G4 17" it's been unplugged for a year. I'm trying to get it running again but now it won't do a thing.

I've had the lead checked and that's ok, opened it up and reset the PMU, replaced the battery (and reset the PMU again), but each time no joy and absolutely no response.

Does this mean the power unit needs replacing or the logic board ? Or could it be something much simpler, there's never been any hint of anything wrong with the computer before.

Considering binning it once I've taken out the hard drive.


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My g4 did the same thing just had it fixed and it was the power supply unit inside I did reset and replaced battery and nothing so I'm betting it's the same problem


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Since you've opened it up check that all connections securely and correctly reconnected to the logic board. If a connection is bad pressing the start button might do nothing.

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