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Das ist die Variante ausschließlich mit Wi-Fi der fünften Generation des iPad, erschienen im März 2017. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher, einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64 Bit A9 Prozessor.

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Either its my charger, or my charger port but my ipad cant charge.

My ipad isnt charging, but i cant tell if it is my cord or my charger port. And what i mean by "Not charging" is that 99% of the time my ipad doesnt recognize the cord but even if it does, it doesnt charge for long until it stops recognizing it. And on top of that even if it does charge for a long time, it charges very slowly.

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Hi Wyatt,

Well, lets hope it's the cord or the charger, because unfortunately Apple made replacing the charging port on your iPad difficult. Not impossible, but difficult enough that I wouldn't suggest trying it to your average DIY-er. I consider myself fairly good at soldering and this is probably at the top limit of the type of repair I'd attempt myself.

So yeah, you'll need to try a different cord and a different charger first to rule those out. If they're both good, that leaves the charging port as you've already suspected. You'll definitely want to get in there with maybe a toothpick, some 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, an eyeglass cleaning microfiber cloth and a magnifying glass and bright light. Clean the port out and make sure there's nothing like lint or dirt down there. Check the pins on the connector and look for any that are bent or broken. Bent ones can sometimes be straightened out with fine tip tweezers, but broken or missing pins means the port will have to be replaced.

If after all that it still isn't working right, then you'll need to replace the port. First thing is that you have to take out the motherboard to replace the port, so start out with this guide showing you how.

iPad 5 Wi-Fi Logic Board Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Once that's done, you'll need to unsolder the old port and solder in a new one. If that's out of your comfort zone, you may have to locate a local repair shop who can do the work for you; for an experienced technician this shouldn't be a particularly difficult repair so hopefully if you've done all the work of removing the logic board they won't charge you a horrible amount. Here's a video showing step by step how to replace the port on the motherboard.

iPad 5 Charging Port Replacement - YouTube

Here's an example of the replacement part you'll need; verify the listing against your model number to ensure a proper fit and color. You can find several other options on places like eBay and AliExpress in addition to Amazon and others.

Amazon.com: T Phael Dock Connector Replacement Compatible with iPad 7 7th/8 8th 2019/2020 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 A2270 A2428 A2429 A2430 (Black) Charging Port Assembly Flex Cable : Electronics

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