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How do I fix the inside of a measuring tape?

It started with my tape getting stuck, then it didnt want to retract and then i got stuck completely. I opened the tape and i accidentally let everything explode in my face. i dont even know if i have all the pieces or if i am missing something, here is the full list of items i was able to collect: the yellow measuring tape, the two halfs of the case, the slider(the thing that makes your tape stay in place without retracting), the cortorsion spring (if thats the right name, if not its the thing that holds the yellow tape and lets it retract), snapped plastic that should holds the cortorsion spring (i really dont know if thats the name)and i found a piece of metal that i think is supposed to be in the middle. I dont know if it should be free like that or if it should be in one place. Thanks in advance for any help, i really dont want to buy the 10 m measuring tape again.

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Bin it and buy a new one

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