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Das iPhone 13 mini ist eine kleinere Version des iPhone 13 von Apple und das zweite mini iPhone. Es wurde am 24. September 2021 veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 5,4" OLED Display, einen A15 Bionic-Prozessor und ein Zwei‑Kamera-System.

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Why is screen not going on flush

Screen not laying flat on phone

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Are you working on the phone and it's not going back together correctly, or did the screen just start separating on its own? Has anything happened to the phone recently such as being dropped?

If it's the former you'll probably need to add some pictures so we can see what's going on with your phone since there's no way we can tell what's wrong just from your description.

If the screen is coming off by itself, the first thing to suspect is the battery; if it's swelling that can push the screen away from the frame. You'd have to open up the phone and inspect the battery to be able to tell for sure.

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No it’s just laying on the frame perfectly flat it sticks up like a millimeter


@staxxbundles Have you replaced the screen, or is this happening with the original screen?


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