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Model A1419 / Ende 2013 / 3,2 und 3,4 GHz Core i5 oder 3,5 GHz Core i7 Prozessor, ID iMac14,2

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Swapping cracked display (is it possible?)

Display glass protection on my A1419 27" / EMC 2639 / Late 2013 / with Core i5 3,4GHz is cracked so I want to fix that, but on this particular model that is impossible (glass and display can not be separated). I have an offer to buy a used display for cheap, but I don't know if it would fit. The used display is from a different model:

A1419 27" / Late 2012 / with Core i7 3,4GHz

My iMac has a GTX775M 2GB GPU, while this used display was connected to a GT680MX 2GB GPU.

So, is it possible to swap those two displays?

Thanks in advance!

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This eBay listing says the part is compatible with Apple iMac A1419 2012 27 4K EMC: 2546, For Apple iMac A1419 2013 27 4K EMC: 2639, so I think it would work, but try to confirm with the vendor that it will be supported on your model. Good luck!

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