Compressor running but not cooling

Recently related my Maytag (MFF2557HES) refrigerator to the basement.

Seemed to have worked fine for a couple of weeks. Then we noticed it was not cooling neither on the freezer or fridge side.

Here is what I checked:

  • compressor turns on.
  • Condenser (and evaporator) fan is turning on and pushing air.
  • The evaporator is not getting cooler.
  • The condenser coil is not dirty.

Since I can hear the compressor I have to assume it is fine. (I also confirm I can feel it start)

Looking at the part diagram there does not seem to be a low or high pressure safety switch. If there was, the compressor should not be turning on if the system is low in gas.

I have to assume either the gas is low because I can’t feel any hot/warm tube coming out of the compressor.

So either a seal failed somewhere (nothing seems to be badly corroded), the compressor failed.

Am I on the right track? Or is there something else I missed checking?

If it is a seal or compressor I’ll have to get a technician come and fix it (well… depending on price that is! :) ). I’d love to diagnose the leak if it’s there, but I’m not sure where to start with a fridge. I have experience and some tools from troubleshooting my car A/C (same type of gas R-134a)

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Electronic leak detectors sniff for leaks. If out of warranty and older than 10-12 years, it may not be worth replacing the compressor.


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