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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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Water pours out of the drain pump filter

I have an LG washer model WM3400CW.

Whenever I clean the drain pump filter, I get just a little water from the mini hose, but a lot of water pouring out when I unscrew the drain filter. Is that not supposed to happen?

Does it indicate there's a problem with the mini hose? The mini hose does not seem to be clogged - I probed it with a long zip tie and squirted water into it with a turkey baster. When I used the turkey batter, the water came out of the filter opening (filter was removed at the time.)

Appreciate your help!

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@nancystaab this was converted from a comment on an old question to its own question. That way you may actually get a solution. Hope our experts @jayeff et al will catch this one.

In the meantime, we would need your washers exact model number.


Hi @nancystaab

Is there still any water in the drum before you undo the drain filter?

Have you checked if the main drain hose from the washer is clear?

Also is the filter OK and not clogged?


Hi @jayeff,

Thanks for your reply!

There is no water in the drum when I remove the drain filter. The filter is ok and not clogged. I have not checked if the main hose drain is clear.



Regarding the main drain hose, if it is clear, then if it is inserted into a drainpipe check that there's a high loop before it enters the drainpipe i.e. loop higher than the drain

Also make sure that the drainpipe itself drains quickly and doesn't drain too slow or backup when water is poured down it so that there is no siphoning back into the washer from the drain due to the water not getting away quick enough once the water has finished being pumped from the machine


I will check the main drain hose and drain pipe, and report back.


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Hi @nancystaab

That's about it.

There's always be some water coming out of the mini hose because not every bit of water being pumped out of the washer when the pump stops makes it over the loop and into the drain, so it flows back to the lowest point i.e. the filter.

The mini hose is there to drain this water so that you can remove the filter without a sudden rush of water coming out when you remove the filter.

If no water comes out of the mini hose and does when the filter is removed then there's a blockage somewhere

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Thank you for all your help!


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