2009 hybrid service light on dashboard on

2009 Cadillac Hybrid Escalade

car ran fine for previous owner then sat for 9 months for sale.

I purchased the vehicle with 190k mileage.

One day it stopped running. No cranking.

Brand new 12 volt battery didn't fix it.

Saw videos on hybrid repairs which explained GM Tech 2 tool fixing a similar problem. Tried to purchase a GM Tech 2 unit with GM info card, but seller said it wouldn't work for vehicle.



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Initial searches show GMs hybrid battery (worn out or faulty) causing the no-start issue from the battery control module. Determine what error code is stored and proceed. The hybrid battery may not be up to spec, worn out, and either replacement, finding a used one or rebuilding what you have. Hybrid systems may be deeply intertwined between the hybrid battery and engine, using programming seemingly designed as expected but may present unusual issues when the hybrid battery begins to falter, interfering with everyday driving. GM may have designed this system not to allow driving with a faulty hybrid battery.


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