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Starting up is too late why?

This morning starting up was too late it took more than 15 minutes to start working,every time the spinning wheel was rotating,mean while my touch pad also behaves in an odd manner the single click operation does not work,i will be obliged if you can guide me to solve this issue Thanking you i am from india

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Sounds like a failing hard drive. Run Disk Utilities on it from your system installation disk. Backup your data ASAP.

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try running your mac in Safe mode - pressing "Shift" key while booting up.

It will reset all the Kernel Extensions (kexts) and may be the cause of the problem too.

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many thanks for the suggestions,i did the same procedure after advice from apple help line they also wanted me to remove the cookies,cache,launch agents and launch daemons,after completion it is working beautifully well thank you i am obliged


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