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Why is my adapter not recognized?

My battery is not charging. I have changed the battery and changed the adapter. I have also ordered a dc charging port to replace it. I'm beginning to think the charging circuit is bad. Please advise.

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Hi @mjsmith,

Did you prove that the power adapter port was faulty by testing it using an Ohmmeter or a Voltmeter, between the input side of the port and the wires on the cable plug on the output side of the port?

If not here's the service manual for the laptop that may help.

Go to p.25 to view the procedure to remove the power adapter port. You only have to get as far as unplugging the port cable from the motherboard and then test if it is OK or not.

If you have and the the port is OK then the schematics for the motherboard would be needed to help find out what's wrong.

What is the model number of the motherboard, (usually printed somewhere on the board itself)? Unfortunately I can't find any schematics online using the laptop make and model number so hopefully the board number may show some results.

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I don't know what the model is without taking everything apart to see the number. However, I have checked the adapter on another laptop, changed the battery, changed the charging port, updated the BIOS, downloaded the Windows updates, and removed and reinstalled the adapter drivers. In the BIOS it still shows that the AC adapter - Not installed.



Seems like there's a problem on the motherboard.

There's a "sense" wire in the charging port (in addition to the red +ve and black -ve wires) that is used to signal that the charger is the correct one for the laptop.

The schematics may be needed then and I can't find them when searching, using the laptop's model number.


I will try to get into it and find the model number. I'm going to try to reseat any connections I can find as well while I'm in it.


The only number I can find is X7901:27MHZ...for the CPU1.



I can't make it out as it is too fuzzy even when zoomed in but in both of the following links just down from where you said the CPU info is printed on the board there's a QR label that may have to board number. It looks like it has the part number as well maybe just below the board number (I hope) as I can make out the "p/n" letters printed on the label but not much more. But my eyes are gone anyway - don't get old ;-)




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