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The eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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Wrong Fuel gage reading

Wrong reading of the fuel gage and the fuel gage goes down to empty gradually when lights are on,and gradually get back to its first position once the lights are off

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Hi @habibmohammed

Is the fuel gauge the only gauge affected in the instrument cluster or are there problems with the other gauges e.g. tacho, temp speedo or warning lights as well, when the lights are turned on?

If nothing else is affected it seems as though there may be a problem with the power supply to that particular gauge in the instrument cluster.

If other gauges and/or warning lights are also affected when the lights are turned on, I'm wondering if there is a problem with the light rheostat (dimmer) that is affecting the power supply in the cluster somehow.

Here's an image from the service manual, showing the wiring for the fuel gauge and the rheostat, that may help.

Block Image

(click on image)

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Hi @jayeff

Nothing else is affected it is just the fuel gage which goes gradually to empty sometimes and sometimes it just gets lower to a certain point on the gage once the lights are turned on ...how can I fix it?..cuz it be giving me wrong readings



Is the low fuel warning light affected? Not sure if you have checked this at all.

As there is no detailed circuit showing the instrument panel internal wiring, maybe try letting the fuel get low enough until the low fuel warning light comes on and then turn on the lights and check if the warning light is also affected.

If it isn't then it's looking like a problem in the instrument panel itself.

You may have to remove it and and see if you notice anything obviously wrong with the logic board, the fuel gauge or the fuel gauge connections in the instrument panel. As I said, not easy without a detailed schematic.

If the warning light is also affected there may be a problem with the fuel level sender unit as it is connected to both the gauge and the warning light.


Yes the fuel light is affected...I noticed that the low fuel light turns on if the car has its lights turned on,but the thing is that the gage doesn't read the empty fuel as empty it just stays still at the quarter this is when the full tank had low fuel but if I turned on the lights it drops gradually to empty on the dashboard fuel gage.



Check if the 10A fuse #22 in the engine bay fuse box is OK.

This is the fuse that supplies the power to the fuel gauge/low fuel warning light control circuit in the instrument panel.

Maybe coincidental but the 7.5A fuse #21 is used for the headlights etc

Since both supply power to the instrument panel perhaps one is faulty and there is a backfeed using the other fuse, so check both.


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