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Why not on with remote

Why not on my tv with remote

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Hi @rakeshpawar

Have you tried replacing the batteries in the remote control unit with new compatible batteries, you didn't say?

Have you checked that nothing is blocking the IR (infra red) receiver window, usually found on the front of the TV somewhere along the bezel under the screen (you didn't specify the model number of the TV) preventing the TV from receiving the signal from the remote?

If both the above are OK then use a digital camera or the camera in a mobile phone to check if the remote is working OK.

To do this turn on the camera or open the camera app in the phone and then point the end of the remote that is usually pointed towards the TV at the camera lens so that you see if in the screen of the camera or phone.

If you press any button on the remote, you should see the IR LED at the end of the remote turn on as long as the button is held.

If you see a light then check that every button is working, especially the Power button.

If the remote tests OK there may be a problem with the IR receiver circuit in the TV.

If no light is seen at all when testing the remote, then perform the test on a known working remote control from another device and check if it works OK when performing the camera test.

If a different remote works OK as indicated by the test but the TV remote doesn't then it is faulty.

Check that there isn't a button stuck half operated on the remote, as having 2 buttons operated means that no signal is sent.

Has the remote gotten wet at all?

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