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The Asus Chromebook C101P, released in September 2017, is the next installment in the Flip series, offering an amazing 360 degree flip rotation. Its thin and compact profile emphasizes portability and different ways to use the Chromebook.

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Why is it not turning on

i have put it on charge and after a while the battery light turns green so it shows that it is full charge but the screen just appears black

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so i have 2 possible theories as to why your system may not be working :

1.Battery: teardown your laptop and take apart the battery, it is about an inch from the bottom on your laptop. once you do that ensure that there is no residual power by pressing on the power button for about 10-15 seconds. connect the charging cable again, if the green light still shows up, it could mean that your battery is dead or at least not functioning to its fullest extent.

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2.Screen: in case the battery is working fine the likely culprit is the screen. you can try replacing that.
here is the guide for the same: Asus Chromebook C101P Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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