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The screen goes black, and a restart is opted?

After working on the computer without any hassle, the screen suddenly turns black, a three language notice appears asking me to re-start the thing.

If I'm not around the fan starts to blow like a helicopter

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Thank you abhi for the response.

Last nite I went to a meeting in the Copenhagen Mac User Society, and asked the same question. One of the geeks told me, it could eventually be connected with the added RAM, that I originally inserted into the then brand new iMac G5.

He suggested that I took out one of the RAM's to see if the problem was solved in that way ( taking down the speed of the computer). I could then replace the malfunctioning one at § 60,-something.

Just remvng the RAM card and reinserting it might also cure the habit of the power-close problem.


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May be you are working on a processor intensive task and there is extremely low disk space.

Or, you have a USB Device connected - [this Happened to me] - most probably an external Hard Disk and you deleted some files from it but did not clear the trash. After ejecting the HDD, and connecting it again; then emptying the trash - gave me the same message telling me to hold the power button and restart my mac.


Yes, even interchanging the RAM in the slots may work. And the suggested solution is also an easy test.

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