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Based on the fifth generation Legacy, the fourth generation Subaru Outback was introduced in April 2009 at the New York Auto Show, the fifteenth anniversary of the first Outback's introduction at the same event.

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Always I found water under the carpet of the passenger side after rain

Hi guys please I always find water under my carpet car on the passenger side after rain I don’t know what’s the problem? Subaru Outback 2011

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@david75917 you might have a clog between the AC discharge tube and the evaporator housing.on the AC or you may get water in from the blower vent. stick a shop vac on your AC drain and clean it out.

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Check your front cowling and see if you can see any leaves etc. that may obstruct it from above. Otherwise you will need to look under your dash where the AC sits and see if you can make out where the water may have entered. Sometimes a helper with a garden hose can help by spraying water into or around the cowling (hood open) and see if that enters the compartment. Check around area 5 and above for any signs of water ingress.

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