01 Accord EX 4cyl cranks but won’t fire

The car will crank but will not fire UNLESS I hit the driver side pillar before turning the key, if I wait too long after hitting the pillar the car won’t start, I have to hit it and crank it over within 4ish seconds.. please help.

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@kevinalexgo9116 awesome video LMBO. This is a perfect way of asking a question with giving appropriate background info.

Let's find out where or what runs through that. It seems like a bad relay or connection. Is your fuse box in the left kick panel or on the left side of the dash? What happens if you wiggle wires/wiring harness down on the fuse box? This is one weird issue.


@oldturkey03 absolutely no change when playing with any of the wires or fuses, I suspect it’s a “roll over/crash sensor” style of issue although I can’t seem to find anything of the sorts on the Honda.. once it starts its fine to drive but after turning the ignition off I have to hit the car again, it doesn’t have to be the pillar that I hit, hit it almost anywhere on the car and it will start.


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