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Informationen zur Reparatur, Demontage und Fehlerbehebung für das iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apples Flaggschiff-Smartphone der Spitzenklasse, das am 22. September 2023 veröffentlicht wurde. Es verfügt über ein 6,7 Zoll ProMotion OLED-Display, ein Rückkamerasystem mit drei Linsen und einem neuen 5-fach optischen Zoom sowie 5G. Nachfolger des iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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Is it possible to replace the metal bezels of the iPhone 15 pro max?

I was wondering if this is possible and where the parts could be located?

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Are you referring to the metal frame around the outside edge of the phone?

If so, that's part of the midframe and would require a complete teardown and rebuild of the phone to replace; something along the lines of what it used to take to replace the rear housing on previous models.

The teardown shows the process that would be required.

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Thanks for your reply! What I mean to clarify is that it is regarding the bezels around the 3 cameras


@vijay4100 Generally you can only get those kind of parts from the aftermarket industry and I'm afraid the phone is too new for them to be on the market yet. Apple has never sold things like replacement rear glass or camera glass lenses.

At this point I'd say your best bet would be to look for a complete rear panel since it's replaceable on your phone.


In time do these parts become available?


@vijay4100 Yes, eventually the market will provide after they've done their reverse engineering and manufacturing but it will probably take a few weeks or even months.


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