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Reparatur- und Demontageanleitungen für Samsungs Flaggschiff-Android-Smartphone S21 Ultra, das im Januar 2021 veröffentlicht wurde.

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Phone dead for a while, plugged it in after repairs and no animation?

I repaired the back and front glass on this phone with a screen/frame assembly (haven't put the new back on yet) but after moving all the parts over to the new frame/screen I plugged it in to verify it was working and there is a charge logo on the screen but it's not animated or anything and it just stays there. It's been a long time since I used this phone (maybe a year? I bought a new one when it broke) so I don't remember exactly what it should do after being plugged in but it was dead for quite a while.

Question I have is would it do this if the battery was dead or damaged from swapping it over? Or does it just need to charge a while?

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Hi, it sounds like you have successfully repaired the screen and frame of your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the phone is not showing any signs of life. There are a few possible reasons why this might happen, and some steps you can try to fix it.

I hope these suggestions help you fix your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. If none of them work, you might need to contact Samsung support or visit a repair center for further assistance. Good luck! 😊

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So if the battery is dead it won't boot up at all?


@hdale85 Yes, if the battery is fully drained it will not boot up at all. if it has some reserve charge, then it will boot up and show the logo and things before turning off again.


@hdale85 The safest option is to let it charge overnight while you are sleeping


Alright I'll let it charge a while. Little leery of letting it charge overnight if by some chance I damaged the battery while removing it from the other frame.


@hdale85 Keep it away from flammable object or materials. I reccomended you doing it while sleeping because people get curious and mess with their phones while their charging. So if you dont want to charge it overnigh, leave it ont he charge for 3-6 hours and while it is do not touch it, even to check how if it is charging or not.


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