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The Golf Mk5 was introduced in Europe in the autumn of 2003, reaching the UK market in early 2004. In North America, Volkswagen brought back the Rabbit nameplate when it introduced the vehicle in 2006.

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Will not start and park light flashes

2005 golf will not start and the park light flashes. This happened after I ran over a dead roo

Update (10/03/23)

I mean the p for park when you put into park and it won't start and won't come out of park

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@oldturkey03 there isn't much damage broken left hand side bumper and the one side of the skid plate underneath.


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Hi @glennarthur

There may be some damage to the gearbox or some sensors etc.

Here's a video that shows how to release the gear selector so that you can select Neutral so that it can be towed as maybe it's not advisable to drive it to avoid causing any more damage.
If you have a scan tool you can scan the OBDII port to check if there are any transmission related codes to see what they show

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Might seem like a dum question but where do I find the cable please



Sorry I can't find a video showing the location of the shift cable for an auto transmission only manual transmissions. I think I may be wrong about DSG transmissions having one. It may be all electronic.

Was the manual release of the gear selector the same as shown in the video?

@oldturkey03, this one may be for you Cheers


@jayeff Let me see if I have that one in my collection. @glennarthur by “roo” you mean like a kangaroo 😳? Darn, that’s quite the roadkill!!! It might be a few hours since I am just starting my workday



The road trains don't even feel a bump when they hit one. Notice the "bull bars" on the front of the prime mover

Sometimes after a "busy" night the next morning it's like driving a slalom course.

Mind you this is only "outback" and not close to the urban areas. The trucks disassemble before getting into the city or major towns

Road trains in W.A can vary from 27.5M to 60M in length


@jayeff that is just incredible. How big does a "roo" get? What's the weight on those animals? I thought hitting a Deere over here was bad, but dang , a "roo"?


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@glennarthur looks like the Jetta 5 and Golf 5 share this. For now, all I have to offer is the Transmission repair part from the workshop manual Golf MK5 Jetta AT Page 92 is talking about the Selector mechanism, The images in the manual are not the greatest but hopefully help a bit.

Definitely some interesting reading. Take a look at page 118. Did they really make it this complicated? Shift Lock Solenoid? Selector Lever Park Position Lock Switch?

If this is from the Roo, it has to be from the bottom, which corresponds with what the manual shows. Sorry, nothing seems to ever be easy. Kraut Engineering at its finest.

Check the fuses in the fuse panel on the inside instrument panel. Fuse #2 and fuse #14 (-Selector Lever Sensor System Control Module) #SC30 Transmission Control Module (TCM) -Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Mechatronic

Furthermore check the transmission control module (harness and all) its in the front left wheel housing.

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This is the scan tool I use; Amazon had a deal on it and it has the eOBD support which is somewhat uncommon and needed for tranny codes with a VW: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BX75H6DR

It's $50, but it may be worth having something with EOBD.


@nick I will get myself one of them thanks


Thanks oldturkey03 I have checked the fuses they are all good and I will check the control mogul. Thanks.

Thanks everyone for your help and I am still trying.


@glennarthur hope it’ll work for you. It all seems to come back down to that module. Either electrical or mechanical. The shifter cable does look too well protect to be the issue since it looks like they run it over heat-shields etc. I wonder if this is a connector/torn wire issue etc. Just out of curiosity, how bad was/is the damage to your Golf?


@glennarthur Haven't used it but it looks to have EOBD: https://a.co/d/46FkXaU

I got 2 of the Motopower scanners since Amazon had a sale for $25, so I bought 2 for $50. Not as good as some of these more expensive ones that border on $200 but for $50 with EOBD it's far nicer then some of these cheap scanners. I would probably buy one of those if I ever had to do something like an immobilizer or key program sure but I wouldn't spend the money until I needed to or if I got a cheap German car and it was truly needed.


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