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DC-in board keeps blowing

Hi guys,

After being exposed to rain, my iBook could only run of battery and would not charge, with the connector light staying off. AC plug works fine on other Computers. Diagnosed that DC-in board was dead, bought a new one and installed it. All went well, till I plugged the mac in. First light on connector went Green for about 1/2s, then Amber, then Red. Then a little explosion sound followed and the smell of burnt electronics rose from the DC-in board. Took Mac appart and sure enough part of the DC-in Board (where the DC connector connects to the actual circuit board is gone) is fried.

Now I'm out of ideas... Anyone?

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Hi! You may have purchased a bad DC-in...parts vendors are famous for selling parts "tested" without actually testing them, especially for items like DC-ins, which are not especially easy to test. I'd go back to the parts vendor and ask for a replacement.

It may be that your logic board was damaged in the rain as well, and it's causing the DC-in to self-destruct. I don't know how likely that is, but it's seems that there's a pretty good chance more was damaged by the rain than just the DC-in, and you may be looking at a bad logic board.

Also, DC-ins are weird little gizmos, and I've noticed that a "bad" DC-in sometimes behaves differently after it's been removed from a machine and allowed to discharge for a while. I've witnessed "bad" DC-ins working fine when connected to a different machine after having been removed and allowed to sit disconnected for a day or a week or whatever.

Anyway, what I'm suggesting here is that unless the original DC-in went up in flames like the second one, it may be worth re-connecting it to see if it's working now. Probably not, but it's worth a try. Also, leave the bottom casing and shielding off the machine, and you can test DC-ins without fully instaling them, simply by unplugging the old one, plugging in the new one, and leaving it dangling while you test it. That way, you don't have to do a serious amount of surgery on your machine until you know you've got a working DC-in.

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agreed +


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I'd check the replacement DC-in board. If it has come from a dropped machine, they often have the tip of the broken power supply inside, when you push your power supply in the old tip causes a short and burns out the DC-in board.

It could be another water related fault of course, but that does sound like it's got a broken tip in there.

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If it had a broken tip he wouldn't have been able to plug in the AC adapter and power the machine on....


You can, I've seen it done various times, usually till the DC in board blows


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My personal suspicion is that there is a short somewhere on the logic board. It probably happened when the unit got wet.You could try another dc board but if you do I would remove the battery first. If it blows up again or doesn't work you probably need a logic board. Ralph

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