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The Dodge Dakota was developed by Chrysler as a mid-sized pickup. To keep investment low, many components were shared with existing Chrysler products and the manufacturing plant was shared with the full-sized Dodge D-Model.

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How do I replace the heater core 1992 dodge Dakota 3.9l

Heater not working it blows out cold air

Update (10/05/23)

Put in new thermostat and flushed the heater core

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@peanut10241 that is a big job. First make sure that hot water enters the heater core. On the firewall side, feel the two hoses connected to it. With the engine at operating temperature, one of the hoses should be hotter than the other one. If one of them is considerably cooler than the other one, it will be the core.

IF that should check out, I would consider checking the blend door for operation. Here is the HVAC chapter from the SM to help you with your repair. HVAC

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Done all of that one side gets hot and the other side cool as a cucumber the doors working cause I can turn on the A/C and move the door and it changes the temperature


@donaldduckowens this "one side gets hot and the other side cool as a cucumber " leads to the heater core. Darn, to bad. Lots of work.

Now we just have to see if the OP @peanut10241 has better luck


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