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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen zu Googles Pixel 7 Pro Smartphone, erschienen im Oktober 2022. Die Modellnummern sind GP4BC und GE2AE.

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Microphone Issues after screen replacement

After I replaced the screen on my pixel 7 pro my bottom microphone must've stopped working, atleast I think it's bottom, I can make phone calls but not use google assistant or any sound recording apps.

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have the same problem


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From Reddit; Hello, nothing worked for my 7 pro until I found this work around. Download Voice Recorder & Voice Memos, open the app, and try recording. You can stop recording but dont close the app. The mic will start working. I set the app preference to work in background and never close the app. Then, open the Recorder app. It will start working normally. Transcription works beautifully. All phone apps work normally while Voice Recorder & Voice Memos is open in the background.

BINGO the voice recorder and voice memos fixed my issue, tried all the other crap and none worked. I suspect the app uses the other mics, so may not fix the lower mic issue, but allows one of the other for voice recording. Either way, I can now voice text again, my large thumbs don't fit the small keyboard well. Thanks ReviewTall3533!!!

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