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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für das iPhone SE der 2. Generation, im April 2020 angekündigt und veröffentlicht.

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Why does my iPhone SE restart after a day of use with a kernel panic?

So, I’ve had my 2020 SE for around a month now, (I bought it used) and every morning i see that the phone has restarted. I checked the logs, and found out that it has kernel panicked, with “bug_type 210”.

I’m running ios 16.6.1 at the moment, i’ve rolled back from ios 17 beta, due to glitches, where these kernel panicks didn’t appear. If anyone has answers to stop this random rebooting issue, it would be really helpful.

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Can you post the actual panic? Or at least the first screen worth of text? A screenshot will do. The specific bug type isn't always enough to know the issue.


@flannelist https://imgur.com/a/Bfej26i

Here is kernel panic of today, I also have three more. They seem the same, but i can post it, if you’d like it.


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If it is in fact like the one you posted, could either be an easy fix, or real bad news.

The actual log refers to a SEP Panic. The SEP is the Secure Enclave Processor. It's a bit of the CPU where the encryption keys for unique phone data are verified. Things like Touch ID pairing and encryption for your phone are linked to the SEP. It also runs its own operating system called SepOS. Which is likely where the panic stemmed from. A SEP Panic would mean either there is damage to the phone related to these communication systems. Data the SEP needs to access are not usually stored in the CPU, but a tiny chip elsewhere on the board. So lines of communication between the CPU and the location of the data are interrupted. Or the firmware/iOS are corrupt.

Based on the fact that this occurred after a downgrade to the operating system, I am likely to believe this is firmware/OS related. Or at least it would be a good place to start troubleshooting. I would recommend backing up any data and doing a restore through iTunes. Or beyond that via DFU mode to rewrite the actual firmware.

I would still want to be sure this is the same panic you're having, since I rarely pay attention to the bug codes, so be sure to verify the panic string in your panic is the same SEP panic as is listed in the log you linked.

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