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A2115 / 2020 / Prozessoren beginnend mit 3,1 GHz 6-Core i5, bis 3,8 GHz 8-Core i7. Markteintritt am 4. August 2020.

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What can this system support for upgrades?

@danj Hi Dan, I feel confused. How to check which CPU i7 or i9 should fit my 2020 iMac? I have checked the EveryMac and got faint. would you mind tell me if my iMac can be upgraded to i7 or i9? what the exact model is it please? The photo of my iMac is

Block Image


Thanks. Alom

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To start with let’s take a look at EveryMac listing 27” 3.1 GHz Core i5 (5K, 2020) we need to focus in on the CPUs series so reviewing the description paragraph we spy this:

So you would need a Comet Lake generation of Intel CPU:

> 3.3 GHz Core i5 (I5-10600)

> 3.8 GHz Core i7 (I7-10700K)

But before you make this leap are you sure that’s what’s holding you back? More often the RAM and Storage need upgrading first! So review your needs (Apps) as some apps benefit with deeper RAM while others it’s the storage or both!

Your system can support upto 128 GB RAM use the Activity Monitor App to see what’s being used before altering things as one can over do it which is also a waste.

Storage is a bit harder! Apple striped the SATA port and then Soldered! The SSD Flash chips! So there is no internal upgrades possible! You are limited to external Thunderbolt 3 Drives to get the best performance. Here we would want a RAID drive or two to maximize the TB3 ports throughput. Sadly the internal soldered drive becomes a waste. As it’s throughput is limited due the Flash chips Apple used.

So I would start there before altering the CPU as often people make this leap either breaking their system if they haven’t upgraded the Mac CPU before as it’s tricky! As Apple didn’t make it easy. Then for all the work they don’t get what they expected!

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Hi Dan, thank you for your patient answer. I had done a big upgrade for my 2017 iMac on CPU (i5 to i7), RAM (8gb to 64gb), Storage (1tb SSD + 6tb SATA) couple of years ago. The 2017s' works well.

I plan to get one 2020 iMac recently. What I get confused about is which CPU I should take. There are some users upgraded to i9 10850k which is Comet Lake as same as i7 10700k which you mentioned. I want to confirm if I can try i9 instead of i7 before I buy the 2020 iMac. I can source 10850k more easily than 10910.

About the RAM and storage, I don't worry about them. I can upgrade them more easily than the CPU.

Thanks for your help. :) Alom


@aloms - while you can upgrade to the 3.6 GHz Core i9 (I9-10910). The issue you face is the lack of storage upgrade as the SSD is soldered!

Think of it this way… you have an old VW bug and you install a jet engine! Great for straight lines, useless around curves or when stuck in traffic.

There’s a balance one needs to keep in the back of one’s mind. The i9 is just going to far to really be useful when your system only has a 256GB SSD which can’t be upgraded! While using TB external drives helps (RAID being the best) the heavy I/O running Bigger/Deeper apps will kill this small SSD quickly!


@danj Thanks for your suggestion. I totally understood the point that you mentioned. Yes, the balance between every part is important. As a DIYer, upgrading the original CPU to i9 is for fun. It looks like I have to back to get a 2019 version.


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