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Die Wi-Fi Version von Apples iPad 6, erschienen im März 2018. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64-bit A10 Fusion Prozessor.

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Touch ID/ Home Button issue after repair

Hey Guys,

I replaced a screen for an Ipad 6th gen. The screen wasn’t original but i transferred the original home button with touch id. The home button works, and the iPad expects touch id, (it said unavailable with generic button), and asks me to place my thumb. However, the sensor reads nothing, and it isn’t working. My placement isn’t perfect, and i will be fixing the button to sit properly. Is there any specific reason it isn’t working? Perhaps there are some connection points which aren’t touching due to non-proper positioning?

Thanks anyways.

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If the Touch ID setting does not immidiately complain error when going in, but it does not detect your finger, that means the sensor chip power and communication is fine, chip encryption is matching, but the MESA BOOST power is broken or disconnected.

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@tomchat that incorrect.


@macbookuse38039 Read OP's description again, he clearly said the button was original and iPad expects Touch ID.


@tomchai The home button is specifically for the original screen it doesn't matter if it's original to the device. @danj @hellomacos @beanman56 can you help explain this?


@macbookuse38039 Which is VERY weird. The home button assembly is just glued onto the panel, it isn't connected to the panel electrically in any way. Also the panel is just a touch capacitor array, it does not contain any smart circuitry for the device to identify itself.

I'm still inclined to believe this is a mechanical issue, or broken MESA BOOST power.


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The home button and touch id sensor is paired to the original screen so if the screen is replaced the touch id stops working but you could go into apple to get it recalibrated to the new screen

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Let’s correct this - The TouchID part is independent of the cover glass which it is mounted to. One does need to be careful if one is replacing the cover glass as it could get damaged. The button assembly iPad 5, iPad 6 Home Button Assembly has to be carefully removed so it is not damaged and installed to the new glass.

The LCD panel is independent of the cover glass in this series. Review this guide iPad 5, iPad 6 Home Button Assembly

To be clear this assumes the button and it’s logic are not damaged which by the OP’s question it might be.


@farsaadkamran @danj The home button is calibrated to the original screen of the device. This guide might help.


@danj what you have stated is a good point but from what I understand is the person has most likely changed the screen but left the original home button which is calibrated to the original screen


@macbookuse38039 - The screen (LCD) is independent of the cover glass! So replacing the LCD screen doesn’t require removal of the TouchID button assembly. It even doesn’t require disconnecting it when following the required disassembly process as described here iPad 6 Wi-Fi LCD austauschen

But using the wrong adhesive can set you on a downward spin of confusion and looking for a deep, deep problem which is just not there!


@danj this is where I got the information from


This person explained that putting an original home button to a new LCD then it needs to be calibrated.


@macbookuse38039 - Ah! One does need to be careful! Hugh is a good source but did you make sure you where watching the correct vid? There are three versions! Of iPads the original design, the Air design and now the Pro each have a very different display and cover glass design. So let’s look at the newer Air design iPad Air 3 Screen which uses a fused cover to panel design as that’s not what we have in this series. In that series the button is independent of the display. But has its own issues.

Do take the time to review the guides we have as they offer a much deeper view than the YouTubes published if you really want to understand what’s going on. You still need to use that Grey matter between the ears😊 a bit as the details offered may not be enough to fully answer the question, sometimes one needs to press for more info or figure out how to prove or disprove someone’s assumptions.


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