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The Samsung RF34H9960S4 is a French Door Refrigerator with a 33.9 cu. ft. capacity, featuring four doors, a FlexZone Drawer with adjustable temperature settings, a Twin Cooling Plus® system, and a dedicated Beverage Center. This model also includes LED lighting, Power Freeze and Cool options, and a door alarm for added convenience.

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right freezer door panel not working

RF34H9950S4 right freezer door panel not lighting up so the freezer temperature cannot be adjusted to freeze so only cools like a fridge.

all other section cooling properly

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Hi @skillmare

Here's the main panel pba does not work troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual (see p.1 for models covered by the manual)

If the display panel is faulty, search online for DA97-14768A to find suppliers of the part.

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