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Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine BES990.

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How can I fix my oracle touch the machine is not Rea him brewing tempe

Not reaching temperature? Oracle touch bes990

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You'll need to check your o-rings on all your probes and your NTC Sensor (on the side of the smaller Brew Boiler above the Grouphead). The NTC Sensor provides data to the PID temperature controller for the Oracle machine. If the Black Epoxy that seals the NTC Sensor in to the fitting has been cracked or if other fittings on the Brew Boiler or in the Brew Hydraulic Pathway are compromised and sharing air with the world's atmosphere, the machine will have difficulty reaching the "set point" target temperatures of the PID controller. The o-rings for the high-pressure lines are #007 and the probes are #010 size. Be sure they are the correct materials . . . you should be able to buy o-rings specifically for the Oracle.

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