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Reparatur- und Demontageanleitungen für Samsungs Flaggschiff-Android-Smartphone S21 Ultra, das im Januar 2021 veröffentlicht wurde.

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Why do I see 2 sides of the back of the phone slowly coming off

just got an s21 ultra over a month ago and been using it just fine, did shower with it since i read about that its waterproof and i didnt really sink it in water just splashed it, and worked quite fine after.

next day i see the back cover of the phone coming off, did the shower ruin the adhesive or could it be because of the weather(climate heat or smth)??

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For starters, these devices are LIQUID RESISTANT, NOT WATER PROOF. Over time these seals can break down. If you bring it in the shower and use it, then you most likely caused the seal to break down as it was probably exposed to soap. If you leave it on the counter it should be fine.

Usually when the back starts to separate from the phone, it's typically caused by a swollen battery. Constantly leaving it on the charger can cause the battery to swell.

Moving forward, DO NOT bring it in the shower with you. The seal is now compromised and liquid can easily find a way in. Back up your information, and verify you know your Google and Samsung account information. Double check your 2FA (2-Factor Authorization) too, just to ensure you can get back into those accounts without the need of that device.

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well that did answer my question, i also have another if you dont mind, i havent dropped the phone at all...yet... and i for some freaking reason hear rattling noise when i shake the device, what could that be?


Did you make sure you had the adhesive warm when closing the phone?


@mrpabloislam I don't exactly know without looking at it but it might be the rear camera assembly. It might be the zoom lens or optical image stabilization. Shouldn't bee too concerned if that is the case.


@aliyah620 as in phone heat? the phone was not refrigerator cold but not either warm, the middle and i was showering with a temparture of 30° C.


@hootonberg its the back cover from the bottom side and following up to the right side of the phone, the side thats not along the camera


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