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Repair guides and support for leaf blowers—whether gas-powered, corded-electric, or battery operated.

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AC Powered Leaf Blower, blown electronic component.

A/C powered leaf blower will not power up.
Unit is a 2 speed blower (Off / Low / High ).
Unit is a WeedEater, model: Baracuda 2595 Super Blower, 120v, 12A, Type 1. ⏎

Upon disassembly, discovered an electronic component (a diode, or a capacitor ? ), that is across the AC input on the main power switch has failed, and is in pieces!

I need to understand what size of diode (if it is a diode?) goes across the power switch.

Given a 120v input voltage, and rated for 12A...?
I need to know:
i) how to engineer the size of diode for replacement?
ii) why is this unit a "type 1", versus a type 2, or 3, that I've seen on parts lists ( for parts that are not available!! )

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @vincentbri11259

Is there any more info legible on the diode at all? All I can see is a "10"??.

Wondering it it was a TVS suppressor??

With regards to the different Type numbers, as sometimes happens manufacturers update/change parts and give the product a new type number.

There are 4 model types for the blower.

As an example the wiring harness used in a Type 1 has a different part number to the one used in a Type 3 so presumably it is different and you would think that it wouldn't be compatible between these two models but other parts for the two models do have the same part number so they should be compatible between the two models.

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