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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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door handle broke off, how do I replace it?

My Kenmore microwave Model #790-80329310 door handle broke off, how do I replace it?

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@mabelmeadors, I haven't had any luck yet locating a guide or a video, but I did come across the PartSelect site where someone asked how to replace the door handle.

Official Frigidaire 5304491623 HANDLE – PartSelect.com

Here's the gist of the answer.

Hello Fred, Thank you for the question. You will need to remove the inside door panel with a putty knife or flat tool to expose the screws that hold the handle in place. We hope this helps!

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Hi @mabelmeadors,

Just to add to the answer, here's a video that in general terms may help.

You may not have to remove the door from your oven but the removal of the inside door panel is usually the same.

Note: So as not to confuse you, your microwave oven is either a rebadged Frigidaire model or a made for Kenmore by Frigidaire model, as it is comprised solely of Frigidaire parts, hence the video showing a Frigidaire microwave oven


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