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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Samsung Ultrawide monitor LC49HG90 - Is it a T-Con problem?

Bad picture after turning on while 5-30 minutes. After that it goes well. This "warmup time" is longer and longer.

Block Image

Block Image

Here are all of the pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gDMsz4suDAaQmz...


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@andrasfodor could be but it's unlikely. Once it has been on for a while, does the picture turn all clear? If so, then this could be either a bad solder joint or failing capacitors etc. WE really would need to see the circuit boards etc. which may show some damage. Also, if you have a thermometer, you could measure the temp on your GPU. Based on the symptoms your describe and the display error, my first suspect here is actually the main board.

BTW nice monitor! :-)

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Thank you for the quick answer.

Yes, after this 5-30 minutes "warmup" time, it turns all clear.

Ok, I'll dissassemble it's back and show the circuit boards.

Do you mean GPU in my computer? I don't think that is faulty, because the error is the same on different sources.


@andrasfodor no, not the one on your computer but the one on the mainboard of your monitor. A monitor that size and with all those options, needs a lot of processing power so that will all be done on the mainboard for the monitor.


Here is a video they are dissassembling a monitor like mine:


The middle case that contains the main board, doesn't it? If I have to take out the case how can I measure the temp of its parts? I have thermal camera BTW.



@andrasfodor You'd have to remove the metal casing around the board to get to it. After that you can most likely plug it is again. Of course you also want to check the other boards. I really like the way they have everything shielded etc. It is a clean modular look. Not the most fun to repair it but definitely clean lines etc.


@andrasfodor Did you even fix the issue? I have the exact same issue.


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