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Informationen zur Reparatur, Demontage und Fehlerbehebung für das Steam Deck OLED, eine 2023 aktualisierte Version der beliebten Handheld-Spielkonsole von Valve. Am 16. November 2023 auf den Markt gebracht. Modellnummer 1030.

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Can I just buy the OLED screen standalone to replace the LCD screen?

It would be great to just replace my LCD screen instead of buying the new iteration of the steam deck...

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I am wondering the same, i know the ribbon cable is now on the other side of the board, as valve have said you no longer need to remove backplate to replace screen, I do imagine it will be a different ribbon cable, however here is hoping someone makes a conversion cable to allow oled to attach to the OG decks, that or someone release a oled screen for OG much like the FULL HD screen mod, afterall, this size and resolution OLED panels should be easier to source once valve have them in wild.


What if you make a converter board to handle power and image output


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Unfortunately no. The new Steam Deck OLED uses a completely different display connector over the Steam Deck LCD.

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Do you have a picture?


@balika011 The Linus Tech Tips video shows the internals (Around the 12 minute mark) - I can't find the display connect on the OLED version, but it's certainly not next to the SSD like it is in the LCD version.


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Not only is @carsten spot on, to elaborate a little, LCDs and OLEDs have completely different power requirements. LCDs typically need a high voltage line to power the backlight. OLED displays do not have a backlight. And the Organic LEDs that make up do not require the same high voltages.

For example:
The iPhone 11's backlight line can run up to about 20 Volts. It uses an LCD type display panel.
The iPhone 11 Pro Max, which uses an OLED display, doesn't have any voltages traveling into the display that exceed about 4 Volts.
This creates some unique power complications even if the connectors were the same. They would need to engineer a display specifically for upgrades of this kind to convert the existing circuitry into something the new screen could use.

TL:DR The existing board simply isn't designed to utilize an OLED display. Even connector types aside.

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@flannelist could you do anything to the board itself to make it do so


@niceleverace Probably, but it would require some serious tinkering. iPhones, which only use OLED displays now, will often have third party LCD displays available due to their lower cost. They have just included circuitry on the display to up convert the existing voltages into the ones necessary. I imagine the same thing is doable here but in reverse.

The complications with bringing something to mass market would be that it would need to be exclusively for this type of upgrade since the voltage conversions would only apply in this scenario rather than replacing with the original LCD type display.


@flannelist very interesting, well I will just lay low and see what other people do in these coming weeks/months and who knows, maybe someone will have a tutorial or at least a example on the upgrade.


What if you get an OLED motherboard, battery and screen? I am going to assume that the smaller boards for controls would be the same as the LCD with same connectors


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