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Galaxy S smartphone from S20 family. Featuring a triple camera with AI, Infinity O display, LTE and WiFi 6 with 5G capability. Available in six new colors.

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The system considers WhatsApp a virus

The system assumes that WhatsApp is a virus

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@liongeorge Where did you download WhatsApp from? Unless you downloaded it from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store, it might contain an unwanted virus.


I have had WhatsApp for a long time, but this problem suddenly appeared



Did you find this out by running a scan

Settings → Battery and device care → Device protection → Scan phone?


@jayeff yes ..............


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Maybe backup your Whatsapp data to an external drive and then restart the phone in safe mode and then uninstall Whatsapp and then run the scan again to see if it's all clear.

If so download Whatsapp from the Play Store or Galaxy Store and reinstall it.

Then run the scan again and check.

If OK restore the Whatsapp data from the external drive, and then run the scan again.

Just what I would do.

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Ok i will try

Thank you very much


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