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MFG 2017/08/19 Model no. N17C1

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How to add more RAM

How to add more RAM to my laptop

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Run your laptop's model number in google with "ram" in the search, do a bit of digging around. Most of the time the easiest way to find it is to unscrew the little screws on the back of your laptop (put them into a baggie, as you will need them to put back!) and gently pop off the back cover. If you have to pull hard at all, you missed screws. Look for the ram module (kinda like a thin pack of gum with a shiny wing) that is clipped into the board. There will be numbers on it kinda like (8GB 1Rx8 PC3L), search for them (google/newegg/microcenter) and simply either add a second module of the same type to double your ram if there's an empty slot, or replace all of them with a higher capacity. Always check that you put all cables back and things boot up fine before you screw everything back together.

Best of luck with your project,


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Okay, I Will try it Thanks for the answer. maybe you have some pictures to make me easy


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