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Ice maker bin filling with water and freezing

My Maytag ( Mfx2570aem3 )ice maker makes ice but after a batch or two, overfills the cube tray with water, freezing to a block in the bin before morning.

I’ve replace the icemaker and both water inlet valves already thinking it was a “too much water being supplied” problem, but I’m thinking now the ice is not kicking out causing the next measure of water to overflow the “already-filled-with-ice” tray.

What would cause that in the new icemaker? Not a worn tray. The heating element not kicking on to release the cubes? Would that be a wiring harness issue? Some other part I’m not aware of?

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Hi @cbrewer77677

Since you have replaced the ice maker unit and it still doesn't work, perhaps it is a wiring problem from the ice maker to the main control board.

Specifically the wires from the ice cycling thermostat - part #8 to the board.

This thermostat is used to regulate the ice ejection from the tray. (see Product Description in the link for a better explanation of its function.

The tech sheet/wiring diagram for the refrigerator is part # W10497506 but unfortunately it is no longer available and I cannot find a download of it online by searching for the part number. You may have better luck. This would have helped as it would have shown where the thermostat wires are connected to on the control board.

On similar models (i.e. not ones that use the same tech sheet unfortunately) the wires go to the P7 connector on control board part # 35.

If you have a DMM (digital multimeter) disconnect the power to the refrigerator and then use the Ohmmeter function of the meter to identify the thermostat wires at the harness plug of the ice maker to find out what colour wires are used at that end - (see the video in the thermostat link how to access the thermostat)

Once you know the 2 wire colours check for the colours of the wires initially on the P7 connector of the control board and then check if there's continuity for each of the thermostat wires from the ice maker harness plug to the board.

Don't be surprised if there's no continuity because this is only a guess as to where they go. If only 1 wire shows continuity then at least you know that you're at the right connector. Then it's a matter of finding out what's wrong with the other. Easier said than done I know.

If neither wire appears at the P7 connector maybe try testing similarly coloured wires on other connectors to see if you can identify one or both of them. They should be next to each other on a connector.

Hopefully this may help you to find and fix the problem

WP627985 - Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost thermostat Bild


WP627985 - Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost thermostat


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