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change hdd to ssd problem

My Acer V5-471 laptop: I replaced the HDD with an SSD, but the laptop didn't work at all. The power button shows a blinking blue light quickly, and the laptop doesn't turn on. When I reverted to the HDD, it worked normally. Is there a solution or explanation for this issue?"

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@mustafameddah do you have an OS on the SSD?Since you did not give us a lot of detail, I'd check on this. It is possible that your computer does not detect an OS and treats the POST as a failed drive. You will need to set your BIOS to boot from something like a bootable USB drive and install an OS to the SSD

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the ssd is new there is no os on it and it is not partitioned yet

the problem is that the pc doesn't turned on at all now bios shows up or nothing when it press the power button a blue light on the power starts blinking very fast that's it. i cant get to the bios or nothing else the screen black and the fans doesn't start at all


@mustafameddah but all that works again when you reinstall your HDD? If so, you do know that the issue is with the SSD.


@oldturkey03 yes because it's new and still not identify as mbr or gpt and still not partitioned yet i took the ssd and palced it on my desktop pc make it mbr split it to one part of 100 gb installed windows 10 and took it off and put the ssd again on the pc acer that it didn't work and it started normally thank you for the reply back


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