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The Dewalt DW303 is a corded electric reciprocating saw with a 6.5 amp motor, capable of 0-2,400 strokes per minute, and is suitable for cutting wood, plastic, metals, and masonry. This page offers detailed information and repair guides for the lightweight, 18.88 inches long saw that comes with features like a variable speed trigger and tool-less blade changing.

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Replace Power Cord and Strain Relief

How do you release and re-connect the power cord to the trigger connection block? There are no screw or visible means of connection other than stab in?

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Hi Paul,

Actually, I think it's exactly as you described. It looks to me like it's very similar to the kind of mechanism used on electrical wall outlets where you have to press a spring to release the wire, but inserting the wire is just a matter of shoving it in the hole.

I ran across a video that seems to show how to do it on a Dewalt reciprocating saw, although I'm not sure whether it's exactly the same model as yours or not. If you go to about the 2:30 minute mark you'll see where the power cord gets unplugged from the old switch and plugged into the new one. You just need something like an awl to push in on the release and the wire should then pull out.

DeWalt Reciprocating Saw Repair - How to Replace the Switch Kit - YouTube

Hopefully that'll get you going again! Let us know if that works for you.

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