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This laptop was released in April of 2004, it is an upgrade of the 1100 series.

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How Do I Restore This Laptop to Factory Settings?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop that I want to donate. How do I restore it to factory settings? I've searched it on google and YouTube but I could not find what they were saying like "Repair My PC", "Reset This PC".

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Hi @teejay11019,

What operating system is installed in the laptop, Win Vista, Win7, Win8.1, Win10?


Hi @jayeff,

The operating system is Windows XP.


i had one of those but i never restored it, there might be a setting in xp to restore it to factory settings? if not, just download an image of win xp and burn it to your usb using rufus


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Hi @teejay11019

Here's a link that describes the various options you can try to factory reset a Dell laptop.

If you don't have the installation CD anymore scroll down to Restore without installation CD.

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I see your problem. If you have access to one, get a Windows XP Installation disc. Insert it into the PC, then power it on and press F11 as quickly as you can, repeatedly. You should get some boot options, and click the one that includes "CD" or "DVD Drive." After you setup the computer, you are ready to go. Don't add a password, just add a simple account with no password. Name it "User" as a placeholder. after you get to the home screen, your files should be removed and you can donate the PC.

If this didn't work, please reply and I can help, as I have a Dell Latitude D530 running XP and I can help, due to these laptops being similar.

Really hope this helps!

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