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Released in 2011, the Satellite Pro L650 was conceived for the daily light office work which could range from surfing the web to word processing.

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Motherboard removal and screws on back panel guide

how to remove motherboard and is there a particular order the screws on the back panel must go back in and is there guide to show where screws are placed or is there a video I can watch

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Hi @kylefarquhar

Here's a video that will help.

Keep a note of the length of the screws as you remove them. If any are of a different length etc to the others, make a note of the hole that they were removed from so that you know where to replace them.

Also keep some containers/jars etc handy to place the screws in as you remove them. Maybe separate the different sizes (if there are any) It is amazing how far they can bounce if they fall off the workbench for whatever reason. You don't want to spend hours on your hands and knees looking for them. Been there done that

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Many thanks for you quick response I will

Give that a bash thanks


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Each Screw Hole is labelled (e.g. F4). Sort the screws into labelled containers

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