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Known as the E39 , the 4th generation of the BMW 5 Series mid size sedan.

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Slipping clutch maybe because of loss of viscosity?

My clutch is slipping. It is 6 spd manual. I know that it is a closed system but was wondering if it could be because I haven't ever done a transmission oil change and the viscosity is gone? Slips more when hot. 207,000 miles on car 540i M TECH Sport.

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@martinflaherty no. The loss of viscosity from the transmission fluid would not affect the clutch plate. The slipping is usually because the clutch plate wears out. 200K miles on a bimmer is a pretty good lifespan. Time to replace it.

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Thank you, I could only hope!


@martinflaherty I know right. It’s never the easy things….best of luck to you


How much is involved in doing a clutch job on my car? Is it full engine and/or trans removal? Or, can I lift the car, split them in place and do it? I think I know the answer but am asking because I have done some jobs lately that I did way more work than needed. So it's just a shot in the dark. Thank you again.


@martinflaherty pulling the transmission is the way to go on this. I think one of the bigger PITA would be removing the exhaust. All of it requires a lot of manpower and it's all heavy and cumbersome. Better have a lift since doing it on the garage floor with a bunch of jacks is gruesome :-)


Thx. I'm not scared! lolll. I am replacing my whole main under dash wiring on my truck now. Thought it was my fault and flooded it, but found out it was mice. While there doing the heater core and more.


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