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Das iPhone 13 mini ist eine kleinere Version des iPhone 13 von Apple und das zweite mini iPhone. Es wurde am 24. September 2021 veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 5,4" OLED Display, einen A15 Bionic-Prozessor und ein Zwei‑Kamera-System.

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What did I do wrong when opening my phone?

I tried to follow the battery replacement guide, I heated up the adhesive and tried to gently take my screen off and this happened:

Block Image

Block Image

The upper ribbon that is supposed to be attached to the screen isn’t…

Is there a way to fix it or do I ruined my screen and need a new one?

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The wrong adhesive separated, now the panel is torn off the frame.

The screen is ruined, you need a new one.

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Thanks. And for next time - how can I avoid it? I followed the guide and heated the edge, nothing special I believe.


@tomavitan I can't speak for your specific case, but most of the time when we've seen this happen it's been because they forgot to remove the Pentalobe screws as the first step.


@dadibrokeit not in my case…


@tomavitan If you did remove the screws, usually it's because the screen was not original and the adhesive used to hold the panel and the frame together wasn't strong enough, or some corrosion happened and weakened that adhesive, or just pure bad luck that caused that adhesive to break first.


@tomchai Sounds like either I heated too much that area or just real bad luck. Thanks!


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