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ATX Mid Towers have the same general build and parts as other mid size computer towers

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Why is my computer not booting when I install VGA

I use

I3 10105f


MSI rx580 8gb oc.

First when i didnt install ram my pc booted good but next day it didn't work,

Then i install ram for it, it still not

I tried many ways and when i uninstall the vga it works

Can someone explain why😭

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@goqrkqaahibgu what are the specs for your power supply?


Mik 650w s650b


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Hi @goqrkqaahibgu

First your PC will not boot without any ram installed. It will turn on but it will not boot.

Boot means that it starts to load Windows (original computer term - booting into the operating system). This is different from PC power on (aka PC starting or PC turning on).

When you first turn on a PC the BIOS performs a test called POST - Power On Self Test on the motherboard.

During POST the BIOS checks that all the hardware necessary for the boot process to commence is OK before it boots and starts loading the Operating System (Windows) which is on the HDD or SSD.

If there is a problem with the ram or the GPU (video card) or any other hardware problem on the motherboard it will stop and if you have a system speaker (example only) connected to the motherboard's system speaker header pins (see Item #15 on page 1-4 and page 1-1 of the motherboard manual) you will hear a beep error code telling you what's wrong. If you don't have the speaker, you will hear nothing and the PC will stay powered on and do nothing until you turn it off

What ram is installed on the motherboard? Is it shown in the list of compatible memory for the motherboard

If it starts without the ram inserted but not when the GPU card is inserted, there's a problem with the GPU card or the PSU.

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Can you try a different GPU card?

It may be that when the 8 pin power cable is not connected to the GPU card and the the ram is also not installed, the PC turns on but it doesn't pass POST because ram is checked first so it will stop and not continue any further with POST.

When you insert the ram and the 8 pin power cable is connected to the GPU card this time it doesn't start at all perhaps due to a problem with the GPU card

Double check that have have inserted the 8 pin power cable the correct way into the socket on the GPU card


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