vintage razr will not stay powered on

I have a circa 2005 Razr V3 that quit working a long time ago. It made a crackling sound and just kinda quit. The battery won't charge in the phone - I've replace it with a new one. I have a slightly newer version as well and I use that to keep a battery charged. It works fine.

I would like to retrieve the files from the older phone. Motorola won't look at it - says it's too old to find replacement parts. I took both to a local repair shop but all they are really capable of is replacing cracked screens.

With a freshly charged battery I can get the keypad to light up anywhere from 5-20 seconds, not long enough to boot. Is there any way this can be repaired so I can retrieve the files? I've received replies in the past telling me to get them from the SD card but of course this has no removable storage. ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks

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what country are you in


Does the device power on at all if it is plugged in with the MiniUSB cable?


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