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The second generation was introduced as a 2003 model at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, based on the new Impreza platform, featuring several fine-tune improvements over the past model.

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Stuck rear right brake

My Forester 2008, 2.0, non turbo, manual trans, has the same problem for months: when I first start driving the car, it starts off pretty well, but after about 15 minutes worth of driving my brakes start to feel tighter and it gets harder for my car to accelerate. I have tried to change the supposed culprit rear right brake bands, then to cut both edges in every band, but nothing works. Reading about it, seems the fail is on the ABS system. I have exact the same problem as you: after 15-20 minutes driving, the problem appears. I read someone extracted the ABS module, put it on a cardboard box and with a heat pistol, heated the module for a while. That trick solved the problem. I will do the same when I have the time and the heat pistol available (now I have only the box ;). I would like to know if someone could solve in other way that problem? Thank you!

Alex from Colombia, South America

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Greetings Alex,

If you want to test to see if the ABS system is causing your issue and you have checked everything and made sure that your conventional brakes and emergency brakes are working properly. You can simply remove the ABS fuse from the fuse panel and the ABS system will be disabled.

I would take a quick short slow ride and see if the issue is resolved or persists.

There is an additional feature on the Subaru's called Hill Holder if the spring on it breaks it will never fully return and cause the brakes to drag. ( I think this sounds more likely then and ABS issue. ) If the ABS was the cause you would feel it and see a light on the dash.

Try checking the Hill Holder system its typically on the left hand side from the drivers seat in a right hand drive in the engine compartment. I googled a picture for you of what they look like on the Subaru.

Let me know if I can be of more help!!



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