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The Google Pixelbook Go is a premium Chromebook from Google, featuring a durable magnesium clamshell with minimalist design. Released in 2019. Model number: GA00521-US.

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Ribbon Cable that connects the LCD screen

How do I get or Buy and what is it called the Flex Ribbon Cable that connects the LCD screen to the motherboard? It's about 3 inches long and very fragile. Where can I buy one or get a used one? Also could someone please explain how the %#*@ thing connects to the screen? I have a silver piece and a wire rectangle hook looking thing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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Block Image

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Okay, that connector is fairly straight-forward. The square metal plate on the left side is the reinforcement backing for the FPC connector on the other side that plugs into the motherboard. The rather complicated looking connector on the right plugs into the mating connector on the LCD itself. If you watch the iFixit screen replacement video, it shows that cable being disconnected from the LCD at the 7:35 minute mark.

Google Pixelbook Go Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

As far as finding a replacement part, that may be somewhat difficult. The only one I came across wasn't a sure thing; the description sounds right but there's no picture or part number, so it's hard to be sure it's the right part.

Google 13 Pixelbook GO Touch Chromebook LCD Cable. Tested, fully functional, and ready to replace your defective part.

It plugs into the connector on the lower right side of the screen as you're viewing it from the back. I marked it with a red rectangle in this picture.

Block Image

There were a couple of listing on eBay for defective screens that looked like they came with that cable, but the price they're asking is more than I'd personally pay for it, but that's another option. Otherwise look on Amazon, eBay and AliExpress to see if you can locate that connector.

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Thank you so much for the information. I noticed that when he removed it from the board. The Problem I am having is I have 3 pieces the ribbon and two other pieces here are pictures of them. I am confused as to how they go back on and mount the cable? I think one of the pieces is supposed to go on the bottom of the cable and might have fallen off maybe or it goes on top to apply pressure and hold in the cable. I will watch the video and here is a link to those pieces. Thank you so much!!



Anybody else have any ideas about modding some cables to make it work? Or know how that is done?


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