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The Samsung RF265BEA is a French door refrigerator with a 25.5 cu. ft. total capacity, featuring an internal filtered water dispenser and in-door ice maker that produces up to 4.2 lbs. of ice per day. This model offers a Twin Cooling Plus system, LED lighting, and various storage options such as two humidity-controlled crispers and gallon door bins.

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Not cooling or freezing

Everything will be fine for a couple of days and then fridge stops cooling and freezer stops freezing. If we reset or unplug then plug back in, all is good for a day or 2 until it does it again.

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Hi @hope56738

Seems as though it's not restarting after an auto defrost cycle has occurred and resetting the control board by power cycling it, starts it working again

When a defrost cycle starts, the compressor and evaporator fans are both turned off and the defrost heater is turned on to melt the accumulated ice off the evaporator unit. At the end of the cycle, both the compressor and the fans are turned on again, to drive the temps back down to their set operating temps. The defrost cycle usually lasts for 20-25 minutes

Depending on what method is used, the refrigerator conducts an auto defrost cycle either after every 12 hours elapsed time or after 12 hours accumulated compressor run time.Given that the problem appears after ~2 days it might be the latter.

Here's the relevant page from the service manual for a similar model that hopefully may help. (I couldn't find a free download online for your model, but it is available if you wish to purchase it - supplier example only)

Perform the Self-diagnostic function → 2) Self-diagnostic function during normal operation, as shown in the service manual link and check if any error codes are being displayed. The error codes and their meaning are shown on the following pages i.e. p.55 → p.56

Hopefully a start to finding out what's wrong.

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I performed the Self-diagnostic, nothing came up. There was some sort of a error that came up before my husband did a reset and it was saying something about freezer overheating. I cannot remember exactly what it was. And 2 days was just a estimate. Sometimes 2-3 days and sometimes happens within a day. Just random times.



Random times makes it more difficult but since there may be an error code displayed when it is stopped, then hopefully this is the clue you need to find the problem.

If you get another error message saying that the freezer is overheating it could be a faulty defrost thermostat.

The defrost thermostat is there to disconnect the defrost heater (or signal the control board to do so) if the evaporator unit is getting too warm/hot during the defrost cycle, preventing damage to the evaporator unit.

Your model has two evaporator units. One in the refrigerator compartment and one in the freezer compartment

Here's a video that shows how to replace the defrost thermostat(s) in your model

Here's a video that shows how to test bi-metal thermostats that may help

The Samsung part number is DA47-00243K.

If you decide to replace it, search online for the "part number only" to find suppliers that suit you best.


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