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6-1 & 6-4 codes. Fills and drains but won’t spray

It fills and drains like normal and the door vent comes on. But it just won’t wash, the spray arms do nothing.

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This code means that water is unable to enter the dishwasher basin. To fix the underlying problem, check the water supply hoses and valves to make sure they’re working properly. If the water supply is set up properly, then you may need to test the control board to ensure it isn’t faulty.


This code means the float switch in your dishwasher has a problem. To remove the error code, inspect the float switch to ensure it isn’t damaged. If it is, you’ll need to replace it. You should also check that the water inlet valve is working properly because if your dishwasher fills with too much water, the float switch will activate. (Note that if the float switch error code (6-4) activates, it may override the inlet valve error code (6-2) activation, which is why the inlet valve should be inspected as part of this step.)

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