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Crosley CR-78CD Classic Turntable w/CD, Cassette, AM/FM Radio. 17.75w x 9.25h x 14"d. Bought 3/28/03 for $199. Manufactured February 2003. Won't power on at all.

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How to slightly adjust the speed of the turntable?

My turntable is playing records just slightly too fast. Not so fast it's on the wrong setting, just enough to be disorienting when I listen to songs I know well. I get the impression most record players have a way to subtly adjust the speed.

Abbey Road deserves better from me. Can you help?

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Hi @zeph1981

Here's a video that may help.

Take note of the 1st comment posted below the video, regarding where to adjust the 45rpm and 33rpm speed on the motor.

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